My soul found you and said, “you’re the one”
you are all I want
we are one
I get lost in your blue eyes
it was always you
I will tell you every day that you’re my world
let me be your love song
every time I’m with you, I fall deeper
in love

Challenge: Write a series of 10 poems going from 1 to 10 words in each poem. Reorder.


To Love

To love is to find
in the happiness of
the person
but why then
do people say
that the pleasure
of love
lasts but
a moment
when I know
this will last

To love is to be
in the arms of
the person
the only way
to allow
your heart to feel
true pleasure
is to bare
your soul
in its rawest

He is Art

When he looks at me
I swear I cannot
warmth radiates through
his smile
and the butterflies stir
in my stomach
I would not dare to
look away
slave to his
bluey-grey eyes
I cannot fathom a life
without hearing
his laugh
I exist with him
his gentle soul
I am home
in his arms,
for he is art
and I am found.