and so the songbird
longed to be heard
but nobody listened
oh, as dawn blurred
into day

Photo: Caleb Frith


At Peace

My sister thought that she should try to write a poem out of thin air for fun, and I wrote it down as she did. Once she finished she said, “April, writing is kind of easy.” I can’t argue with that since the poem she wrote is actually quite good. We then talked about how in GCSE English Lit, we had to analyse poems and the meanings of the words and phrases used in the poems, when in reality you can write a seemingly meaningful poem without it actually having any significant meaning. Clever, isn’t it?

And so, here is her finished poem ‘At Peace’:

At peace
with the hourglass,
I sit
I watch
timeless it seems.
within each grain
lies an untold tale,
yet the tranquility
empowers the soul.
Like a flame
snapped away
by a wisp,
time is less.
You sit,
you watch.
Humble is the touch
as you embrace
each moment
the hourglass
as the grains
of eternity

Imagine you were a GCSE English Lit student, how would you analyse this poem?


My soul found you and said, “you’re the one”
you are all I want
we are one
I get lost in your blue eyes
it was always you
I will tell you every day that you’re my world
let me be your love song
every time I’m with you, I fall deeper
in love

Challenge: Write a series of 10 poems going from 1 to 10 words in each poem. Reorder.

IntroToPoetry: Round-Up

This is my round up of all 2-3 times I have participated in the Blogging U course “Intro to Poetry”. I think as time went on I got a little more inventive with the interpretation, and I hope I got a little bit better, but you can judge that for yourselves. Some of them were quite difficult, and some were a bit easier. But I’m glad I participated in this challenge multiple times because I just love writing poetry. I hope you like reading them as much as I liked writing them! Here they all are:











Wind of Change

The future’s in the air
can feel it everywhere
blowing with the wind
of change

Hold on to the love
peace is all we’ve got
time to turn the page
of our lives

Better things will come
whatever you decide
one day you will find
your purpose

It may seem difficult
you have to trust the wait
uncertainty is how
you learn

When you feel defeat
never lose the faith
let us make our dreams