I don’t know about anyone else but I love fun fayres, there’s something great about them. The atmosphere is really upbeat and with all the candyfloss, popcorn and music it feels like you never want to leave. And it was a perfect day to take this picture! I didn’t end up going on this ride, or any for that matter, but I wanted to take a picture of this ride because of the detail on it.

Photo Prompt: Fun!


DSC_0494 (2).jpg

This photo was taken in Madrid when I went there to be an Au Pair, except that didn’t go quite to plan. In Plaza Castilla, I found this massive structure in the town, and it was too big to take a picture of the whole thing so I only took a photo of the top half with the sky in the background. I don’t quite know wat kind of building it was but it towered over the town.

A Pop of Colour


This is one of my favourite photos that I’ve taken because it’s a caged exotic bird; a blue and gold macaw. It was at the farm that we stayed at and there were about four, one was a red macaw. There was one macaw, though, who had plucked most of his feathers out. He was called Max and he had lost his mate, and since they mate for life, Max was distressed and depressed, and out of respect, I didn’t take a picture of him because it was really sad. They are hoping to pair him with another macaw soon, so I’m happy about that. But like nail biting, feather plucking is a habit and the farmers don’t know if he’ll be able to stop. So I took a picture of this lil guy instead, in the same cage, which was quite small by the way and I did not agree with it at all. It was fascinating to see these beautiful birds up close.


DSC_1042 (2).jpg

This photo is one of my favourites and I will treasure it forever because it’s my FIRST dragonfly photo. I have been trying for AGES to get one so this is special to me. Out of 1650 photos taken on my camera, guess how many are of dragonflies? ONE; this one. There were so many dragonflies in the nature reserve near to where we were staying on holiday, and I was in my element. I love nature macro photography.



I chose this photo for ‘Big’ because there were rock pools on the beach and it was especially hard to get pictures of rocks because rocks on their own when you point your camera down look boring. So I lied down on the rocks attempting to get an image of a rock that looked like a mini Grand Canyon. I think I succeeded but even if I didn’t, I had fun looking like an idiot, kneeling and lying in different positions on the rocks trying to get the photo.