My Guide

No poem is so beautiful
without you
between the lines,
you are art
but not my muse and
i will let myself
be vulnerable to you
with every word i write
you will be drawn
into my beating heart
not a prisoner but
free to dance across
the blank page
and me
weaving a story
with you as
my guide

Photo Credit: Kinga Cichewicz


IntroToPoetry: Round-Up

This is my round up of all 2-3 times I have participated in the Blogging U course “Intro to Poetry”. I think as time went on I got a little more inventive with the interpretation, and I hope I got a little bit better, but you can judge that for yourselves. Some of them were quite difficult, and some were a bit easier. But I’m glad I participated in this challenge multiple times because I just love writing poetry. I hope you like reading them as much as I liked writing them! Here they all are:











Wind of Change

The future’s in the air
can feel it everywhere
blowing with the wind
of change

Hold on to the love
peace is all we’ve got
time to turn the page
of our lives

Better things will come
whatever you decide
one day you will find
your purpose

It may seem difficult
you have to trust the wait
uncertainty is how
you learn

When you feel defeat
never lose the faith
let us make our dreams