Taste Like Poetry

why do you love me he asks
i put my hands to his face
look deep in his eyes
and whisper baby
you taste like poetry
and I am famished

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Smoke and Mirrors

Something was starting to
take shape
out of magic and will
smoke and bone.
Is it a dream?
I suppose.

I’m losing my flame
smoke veils the air
wisps of illusion.
Am I out of place?
I hide the
my demons.

I’m looking for an
empty space
this is just my luck
let the smoke
d r i f t,
this is it
I breathe it in.

Consuming me
is it just
smoke and mirrors?
It bleeds through
my skin
I count my sins
and close my eyes.

Brave Moon

Brave moon,
what reason
do you have for
Set me free to
with the stars
under a cloudless

Darling moon,
yours is the light
by which spirits
are born
I am not fearful
of the creatures that
for you
reflect their hearts.

Gentle moon,
where do you go
when it’s light
The birds cry
as you
from view,
the night wearing on
to morning.