When The Cold Hits

Nothing burns
like the cold
and all he knew
was winter;
so I fell
like the snow.

Photo Credit: Caleb George


Hollow Heart

A broken heart
the one I wore
on my sleeve
I have suffered,
split my soul
into a million pieces
for you,
we ruined each other,
I was the ocean
serene and brutal
and you were
a wildfire
relentless and
I; defenceless
against you.
When you left
the sea was
my only comfort
I whispered words
of sorrow
into the salty air,
I found a hollowed shell
and all I could think
about was the hole
in my heart
weathered by the
ebb and flow of
memories of you,
I scattered the ashes
of my once vibrant heart
into the sea
and rolled up my sleeves,
it seems
I drown in love
too easily.

Photo Credit: I’m Priscilla (via Unsplash)


She was full
of heartache and poetry
always trying to save the wolves
instead of running from them.
The gleam of the moon
in her eyes
made the wolves howl,
she could not escape;
she was drawn to them
and them to her
like moths to
her flame.
I became a wolf
that night,
I couldn’t help
but become entranced
by her softness
and the gentle lustre
she wore so intricately.

Photo Credit: I’m Priscilla (via Unsplash)