Even the moon is cratered by imperfections
y su luz es admirada por todo en la tierra,
always shining, a masterpiece of nature
even more alluring in her brokenness.

You mirror the moon, symbolising eternal art,
cada día se transforma en una versión diferente de sí misma.
but I must leave you in the darkness of the night

to uncover the mystery of you in my dreams.

In all your flaws, you taught me how to see
una expresión del alma que quiere ser escuchada,
only you can restore your shattered self back together
and until then, sleep deprived, I will dance in your moonlight.

I know you long for the feeling of completeness but
no importa lo lejos se desvía, su naturaleza es amor,
the light will always find a way through the cracks;
there’s only one moon, and one perfectly chaotic you.

Photo Credit: Verne Ho


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