Listen to me:
set the world ablaze
with the heat of your soul
and the warmth in your eyes
but do not let yourself burn.
I am a slave to your flame and
like the summer sun you are light;
I won’t let your fire die,
devour me.

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Cleanse your soul with
the crisp autumn air
breathe it in like a dream
and turn your face into the wind,
feel it kiss your skin.
When the leaves float to the ground
I fall too,
the cool breeze gentle in that moment
together we are free.

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Patient yet fierce like water,
she is a wild creature in the winter
who learned from the ebb and flow
of the deep and never-ending blue sea and
in her tears, I drowned.
A river flows in you, my love, but
under the façade of your calm surface,
a restless tsunami torments you.
I am set a d r i f t.

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She was spring, scattering
cherry blossoms like fairy dust,
blessing the earth with joy
her sweetness so fragile, she
did not believe in a garden
without flowers.
From her heart’s tear-salted soil
bloomed hope, enchanting those
who dared come close.

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