The Poetry She Wrote

The Challenge:

  1. Write, on any subject you like, two back-to-back sentences, both of which are complete five-beat iambic pentameters. They should definitely not rhyme, however. If you would like inspiration, write your sentences about the picture, above.
  2. Complete this sentence (make it as long as you want in the middle) with three iambic feet (or “beats”): “But when they got home, they…”

My attempt:

  1. The poetry she wrote was based on love. She often thought of Autumn as a dream.
  2. But when they got home, they found a small silver tin on the porch, unlabeled, which contained a letter.

3 thoughts on “The Poetry She Wrote

  1. “But when they got home, they were just about to walk in throw the suitcases anywhere and themselves on the couch vowing not to move from it for three days when they realised the suitcases where still at the hotel 100 miles north in Houghton.


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