The Colour Red

The Challenge:

Write a paragraph of about five sentences, more or less, in which you:

  1. Describe a character’s disappointment or yearning.
  2. Involve something “red”, or something connected to “red”–sunsets, blood, red velvet cupcakes etc.
  3. Use only words of one syllable.

My attempt:

by Montese Monmo

“Tell me”, I pause, “how can the colour red represent both love and violence at the same time?” “I guess that in heartbreak a person becomes bitter, angry and cold. It’s one thing to fall fiercely in love and another thing to feel so broken that you can’t find happiness even in the sunrise”, he said as his faced turned away from mine. I lie down in the field of wildflowers and stretch my arms up to reach the blue sky. “One day, when I find a love like that, I will never look back.” A tear drop lines my face as I think how nice it would be to come home to you.


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