Let It All Go

I was never yours and
you were never mine but
you will forever be engraved
on my heart no matter how hard
I try to remove you, and
I must learn to let go
of the hate and the hurt because
it’s the only way I can move on.
I will not let you consume
my thoughts any more; I finally
figured out my worth and I
realized that I deserve
so much more than you.
I’m guilty of giving you
too many chances,
but I’m done, I’ve had enough
and I’m moving forward;
the pain will leave eventually.

Photo Credit: Kate Williams


Story Introduction

The Challenge:

Write a three or four sentence introduction to a story, and include all of the seven elements above (setting, protagonist, clock etc…). This is the opening of the tale, the first words the reader will see. Those three or four sentences should introduce your reader to all seven elements, just like Malamud does in “The Magic Barrel.”

The Elements:

  1. The setting and the story’s “interests”
  2. The protagonist and their overall ambition
  3. Their specific goal for the story
  4. The problem blocking them from achieving that goal
  5. The ticking clock which means they have to move fast
  6. The perhaps unusual tactic they have chosen to get around his problem
  7. A vague hint that something strange is bothering them about the situation

My attempt:

Rosina was walking in the quiet and peaceful forest one day, not too far away from a little town called Wimborne. But, after 18 years of living in this small town where everyone knew everyone else, her parents decided to make a life changing move to London. They said she could study English Literature in a prestigious London University, especially if she wanted to become an author. “You still have time to apply for September”, her mum told her, handing her an application form she had already so nicely printed off. Since Rosina was not one for being in a room with too many people at once, after two excruciating days of mulling it over, her parents had had enough and called in the big guns.