Seasons Changing

Dear Autumn,

I am sitting in a coffee shop in my local town drinking my regular coffee – a soya gingerbread latte. My favourite. I just had to get out of the house because I didn’t like being cooped up in my bedroom what with all the distractions. I do love coffee and it made sense that the only other place I could go to write is a coffee shop. And as I sit by the window watching the people and the cars go by I find it fascinating that every person has a life as vivid as mine with people to see, places to go and errands to run. As I think this, I wonder what their lives consist of. But then again, whilst sipping my coffee, all they see is a person writing in a coffee shop. Do they even wonder what I’m thinking? I doubt it very much.

All I can hear behind me in the coffee shop is the chatter of the people going about their day and catching up with friends and family. I don’t listen to them but I can hear them in the background. After a while, I’ll zone it out and as this goes on I can hear the coffee machine work – the whistling sound of the steam rising, the sound of plates, spoons and cups clinking and the boiling of water. Coffee makes everything better, doesn’t it? On the chilly autumn mornings and the late evenings cramming for a test the next day and for the times you just need to chill out and relax. It helps. I don’t know what I’d do without it.

My coffee is slowly reducing in quantity and I am silently wishing to myself that it would refill itself. But I know that when I get home I will put the kettle on almost straight away to make another coffee for my new mug. It as cats on it, what could be better? And as I sit by the coffee shop window I realise it may not have been a great idea to wear a jumper today. Autumn, you have deceived me, and I can feel the wrath of the summer sun trying desperately to hold on. That, paired with a hot coffee is not ideal.

During these few weeks as the season transitions completely from summer to autumn, I see some people in t-shirts and some people in coats. The mid-day sun shines brightly overhead and I wonder if the people wearing coats regret their decision like me. Wouldn’t it be great to be immune to changes in temperature? I was debating whether or not to buy a cardigan or two today and I’m kind of glad I didn’t. I will be happy when the air becomes crisp and the trees become bare and lonely. With the falling leaves brings the hope of renewal and new life, much more than the impending turn of the year. And during this renewal of nature, I can only hope that I am able to renew myself. I can hope and dream that this happens but if it doesn’t then I shall try again as the season changes again one last time before the year is up.

Photo Credit: Cecil Vedemil


2 thoughts on “Seasons Changing

  1. Coffee does make everything better! I love how you created the picture of someone inside that coffee shop, writing and observing at the same time. It’s a wonderful thing to find that right space outside and become a part of that while also doing your own thing. 🙂

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