Hello Autumn

Dear Autumn,

Here you are in all your glory, with your golden brown leaves falling from the trees and your chilly air so cold my breath forms as a visible mist. With you comes memories of a warm summer just past with long beach days, blue skies and melting ice cream; moments we will always remember and days we will never forget. Autumn, your nights will get colder and your days will get shorter and the year will soon have quickly passed by before my eyes.

Although, I am glad you have come around again. I long for the days not too far from now when I can walk to university in the rain, wrapped up in the warm jumpers, coats and cardigans that have been hiding at the back of the wardrobe all summer. I long for the days on wich I can walk in the crusty leaves along the pavement and the mornings when I’m too tired to listen to psychology lectures so I buy a caramel latte just to help me through. I’ve had my fair share of ups and downs this year and I can only hope that you will treat me well as I carry on with my studies.

Autumn will I ever stop being so angry and resentful? It hurts too much. It feels live everyone is against me and it’s really getting me down. I shouldn’t feel like this but nothing seems to be going my way at all and I’m not handling it very well. There are days when I am happy, when I write and when I dance – those are the times that I don’t really have to think about anything else. And then it just… stops. I am so tired of all the bad days.

Be good to me, Autumn, and I will promise to love all the beautiful colours in your trees, your pumpkin spice lattes so hot that they burn my tongue and the warm embraces of the crackling fire at home. I thought this year would be different, better even, but I’m starting to realise that it was always going to be like this. Do you ever feel like even though you’ve tried your hardest, things just don’t work out how the way you planned? How cruel that very notion is, and how unfair.

With your shortened days means the moon will rise sooner and as much as I love the sunlight sprinkling the leaves with gold dust, I am also intrigued by the shiny moon and the silver stars dotting the night sky. But I am content knowing that I will rise every day before the sun. I will walk into the coffee shop on most mornings with sleepy eyes greeting the staff before my morning commute to university, ready for a new day of learning. I have been waiting for you, Autumn, because apart from being my favourite season, you bring a long and tedious summer to an end. It’s been way too long and I don’t think people generally give you enough credit.

Inspired by Carrie Hope Fletcher’s 2014 Youtube Series “Letters To Autumn“.

What do you think, should I make a Youtube channel and read out my letters like Carrie? I’ve never done spoken word before, but I could try.

Photo Credit: Aaron Burden


6 thoughts on “Hello Autumn

  1. The Happy Writer

    Hi April! I really liked this. By the way, I wanted to say that I’m doing the 10 day freedom plan blog challenge too, but I can’t figure out how to the hyperlink the image to the link after inserting it in my blog post. I think you took this challenge too, so can you help me with it? Thanks!


    1. Ok so copy this link –> http://thefreedomplan.rocks/ten , insert the blue image into your blog post, click on it, then click the hyperlink button which looks like the infinity sign and then paste the link ^^ in the box that appears 🙂 then preview it to make sure that when you click on the image it takes you to Natalie’s page where you can sign up for the challenge 🙂 hope that made sense!!


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