What Does Adventure Mean To Me?

Based on my day 3 post “What Does My Perfect Day Look Like?” I am going to go on a mini adventure because who doesn’t love one of those, right? Adventure can mean different things to different people. for example, to google it means “an unusual and exciting or daring experience” or “engaging in daring or risky activity”, and in some respects I agree with that definition. However, I also think that you can find adventure in the little things as well as close to home – it doesn’t have to be daring or risky if you don’t want it to be. To do something slightly different in your daily routine to what you normally do can be considered an adventure to you, just as much as travelling to a foreign country where no-one speaks English can be considered one to a recent university graduate. It depends on your situation. There are so many unlimited things to do, see and experience in the world and sometimes the most unplanned and spontaneous adventures can give you the best memories.

“To adventure is to find yourself whole.”

I love adventuring, especially in the forest because it’s my happy place and I think it’s absolutely magical. Being amongst trees and nature is so calming and relaxing, and it’s nice to have a day away from technology or responsibility and to just have fun. So the other day, my family and I went on an adventure in the New Forest and had a picnic. Being in the forest that day allowed me to experiment with my photography, especially with lighting in Manual mode and I feel like I definitely achieved something and got a better understanding of natural light. I did end up going for a walk in the woods on my own to see what I could find but I made sure I didn’t get lost by not going too far. Seriously, the New Forest is huge, google it. And I found that the further into the forest I walked, the colder it got, and that’s probably obvious because the sun could not get through the canopy, but I just sat for a bit with my camera and thought about things. It really helped to clear my mind being that close to nature. I felt like that time was not wasted at all.

These pictures were taken by me at sunrise. This was the view from one side:


And this was the view on the other side, at exactly the same time, it was pretty incredible:


Then, all of a sudden I heard a pounding on the ground like the sky was about to fall or a storm had suddenly flared up or something but you’d never guess what! I was caught in the middle of a stampede of galloping horses, whilst my family back at the motorhome in the car park. Yep! I was only going to take photos of the mist and then this happened. And thank god I had my camera with me or you’d never believe me. I was simultaneously scared that I would get run over and excited because I could get photos of horses in action. It was a remarkable sight, especially as they came running through the mist. I couldn’t believe my eyes, and I didn’t know where to run. At one point I was running away from them because obviously I didn’t want to get hurt and at another point, I was running towards them to get good photos. They’re a bit blurry because I was panicking and extremely happy. My heart was beating SO FAST you do not understand. I was elated when I got back to the car park to show my family the photos. Best experience ever, and it made my entire week.




DSC_1140 (2).jpg


Then the horses gathered in the big expanse and I got an incredible shot of a horse’s silhouette with the sun as backlighting. It’s my favourite photo from that day, and I’m really proud of it. I think it just looks beautiful, you don’t get to see or experience that every day, and it will definitely be a story to tell when I’m older.

DSC_1158 (2).jpg

Bonus photo:


I live fairly close to the forest, it’s practically on my doorstep, or about half an hour car journey away, so not very far. If I wanted to go to the forest more often I could cycle there or ask my Dad if he wanted to come to the forest for an explore too (and so he can drive me!). The forest is huge, so there’s no lack of ideas of what to do. It’s pretty much all trees and grass but every part of the forest is different and that’s why I love it. I could spend a lot more time in the forest because it’s like my second home. Adventure to me is the best, it’s fun and there’s no limit to it. I think that I will start taking more adventures from day to day and start taking more risks too. I’ve said all along that I want to live life instead of just existing. It’s better to fill your life with experiences to create memories rather than material things, and ultimately it will make me happier doing what I love more often. I want to get lost in the world and find out who I am.

What adventures have you been on lately? I want to hear all about them so comment down below! 🙂

Photo Credit: Blake Moulton

This blog post is in response to Natalie’s 10 Day Freedom Plan Blog Challenge Day 8



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    1. Yeah those are the dates, 10th to 19th of September, but I’m a couple of days behind so I’m just writing them as fast as I can, I have 2 more to go. But I think you can sign up for this challenge at any time really, you’ll still get the emails every day for 10 days so you can still complete the challenge.

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      1. Great thank you will shower I meant little April shower thank you you take care of I am on my Android Android oh I just love to make mistakes I try to fix them I don’t know what happens I hope it’s okay you take care and good luck with the challenge I may try a little later if that’s okay thank you for letting me know though blessings

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