16 Reasons I Love Autumn

Hey, everyone, it’s officially the first day of Autumn today! And it’s my favourite time of the year. Here’s why:

*Disclaimer: these photos are not mine*

Pretty trees. Just look at all those beautiful colours… it looks like an oil painting.

Image result for autumn trees tumblr

Leaves to walk in or kick. You now you love that familiar crunch.

Image result for autumn leaves on the ground tumblr

Pumpkin spice lattes. Or everything pumpkin flavoured for that matter. Perfect for if you have a sweet tooth.

Image result for pumpkin spice latte girl tumblr

Cardigans and big jumpers. I’ve missed wearing warm jumpers over summer.

Image result for girl wearing cardigan tumblr

Boots. I mean, look how cue they are! Goodbye flip flops. It’s for the best.

Image result for ankle boots tumblr

Rainy days and petrichor. The sound and the smell of rain on the earth is the best.

Image result for rainy day tumblr photography

Blankets and cuddling up on the sofa. So. Warm.

Image result for girl with blanket tumblr

The smell of cinnamon everywhere. You can just smell the autumn-ness.

Image result for cinnamon tumblr

Crisp air. It’s fresh and cold but you don’t care because you’re all wrapped up. Just breathe it in.

Image result for autumn crisp air tumblr

Hot chocolate with marshmallows and cream. The best drink ever, don’t even question it. It just screams autumn.

Image result for hot chocolate with marshmallows tumblr

Walks in the woods. It’s just so peaceful.

Image result for walk in the woods tumblr

Halloween movies (Halloweentown, c’mon, I know it’s your favourite too). Get carving your pumpkins kids.

Image result for halloween tumblr

Woolly socks and woolly hats. Gotta love some comfy socks in the autumn.

Image result for woolly socks and hats tumblr

Warm chocolate chip cookies. They’re nice any time of year but especially nice when they are freshly baked and taken out of the oven.

Image result for chocolate chip cookies tumblr

Bonfires and sitting next to the crackling fire. So warm.

Image result for crackling fire at home tumblr

University starting again i.e. seeing friends after the long summer. Because friends are the best people.

Image result for best friends tumblr

What does everyone else love about Autumn? Comment down below.


13 thoughts on “16 Reasons I Love Autumn

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  2. The Happy Writer

    I loved this post! Yes, I love autumn too, and that’s because I don’t like the rain, or the hot summer, or the freezing winter. And I don’t like spring so much either. So finally, autumn’s the one left to be my favorite season.


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