How Will I Set Myself Up For Success?

Time management is hard, really. I know that and you know that. Life gets in the way, so being able to manage your time and work to deadlines is one of the greatest skills you can have. A lot of the time, keeping to a timetable is difficult. Having too much to do in one day or one time period can be tiring and stressful. And more often than not, you tend not to complete all the tasks you want to complete. The only things that will keep you going are your commitment to the tasks and your intentions toward the tasks. If you really want to do something, you will find a way to do it. And I’m about to tell you how I will do it.

How will I feel when I stick to my plan? Well, I’ll feel happy because I know that I will have accomplished something. Sticking to my daily plan will make me feel proud and more productive. If I manage to stick to this plan every day, my life will probably be less stressful and more laid back because knowing me, I stick to a plan for a few days and then drop off because of lack of motivation or just generally because I’m lazy. If I can do this, though, I’ll feel triumphant. Seriously, it will be a miracle.

Image result for happy corgi
Me, when I graduate next year if I stick to the plan.

This is what my daily success plan will look like:

  1. I will get up half an hour earlier than I usually do and write.

I will write so that my unconscious is free to flow onto the page without any limitations or censoring or editing. It will just be pure writing for as long as I can, non-stop to see how much I can write even if it’s bad. And I will write at least 500 words. After a few days or weeks of doing that, it will become a habit and eventually I will start writing things that people are interested in and that people want to read. Consistency is key. “If you write infrequently, then your creativity will become inconsistent.” By being consistent and practising every day I know that I will get better because I believe that good writing can be learned.

  1. I will work at the desk in my room.

Even though I share a room with my sister, she is only here half the time. So the other half of the time, I am free from distractions. But to truly be free from distractions I will not go on Facebook during the time that I am writing. The time I dedicate to writing is for writing only. I will not take phone calls or answer text messages or notifications.

  1. I will play Focus music.

Focus music like classical and piano music is easy to work to. I usually concentrate and focus better when I listen to it. Plus, it’s very relaxing. I think if you listen to upbeat pop music or loud rock music when you write it can cloud your mind and you won’t be able to write as well as you could. Listening to this sort of music helps me create the writing frame of mind that is so essential.

  1. I will spend 15 minutes a day reading and commenting on other people’s blog posts.

I think this is a nice way to build community and a good following base. It keeps you engaged with your readers and I know that when I read other blog posts I learn something that I never knew before, or I learn something interesting. And it makes me want to keep coming back to those blogs when they post something new. I may even make some blogging friends. It’s basically networking but online.

  1. I will spend 15 to 20 minutes on my social media calendar.

I recently started a new Tumblr blog because I was told that it could increase traffic to my blog. I don’t know if it’s working yet but hopefully, it will in the future. Anyway, I’m going to spend this time posting old blog posts to Tumblr because no one from the Tumblr community has read them yet. And Tumblr is a great place for inspiration too. Every time I post an old post on Tumblr, I get closer to posting my new posts on there so that I am up to date.

  1. I will make a list of 3 main goals for the day.

These three goals are your Most Important Actions you want to do during the day. Just 3. Three is easy and it’s not overwhelming. If I complete my 3 main goals for the day I will feel like I can take over the world and I won’t feel like I’m behind on any of my work and I’ll be at ease. I will complete these in order of importance and focus on one at a time. By focusing on one at a time my mind will not be confused or distracted. I know that in the past I’ve made massive to-do lists and felt down when I don’t tick them all off so three bite-size tasks a day will be easy from now on. And I will focus on one thing until I finish it, without exception. One down, two to go is easier than saying one down, nine to go.

My Focus playlist if anyone is interested. 100 beautiful songs. I’m updating my playlists all the time, come and follow me. 😉

Photo Credit: Caleb Frith

This blog post is in response to Natalie’s 10 Day Freedom Plan Blog Challenge Day 5



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