What Does My Perfect Day Look Like?

9:00 – 10:20

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I wake up feeling refreshed after 10 hours sleep (yes 10 because I like my sleep), and get up around 9 or 9:15 if I hit snooze, with the sunlight pouring in through the curtains and the birds singing outside. I won’t want to get out of bed because my bed sheets will be warm and cuddly, but I will get up make breakfast (bran flakes with soya milk) and make a morning coffee because I adore the smell of fresh Nescafe. I will let my tabby cat indoors to feed him and then go and brush my teeth and my hair. I will then either keep my hair down or put it up in a messy bun because I’m low maintenance and it’s a bad hair day every day for me. I’ll get changed out of my very comfy pyjamas (sigh) into jeans, a nice top and vans, set out to get the bus around 10am down to town with my journal and pen, purse, phone and earphones. Once I get there, I’ll order a coffee (small soya gingerbread latte as always) at the coffee shop; they already know my order because I’m kind of a regular.And there will be the familiar smell of coffee and the chatter of people going about their days with ambient music playing in the background, probably some old pop songs that no-one listens to anymore.

10:25 – 12:30

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I will drink my coffee whilst writing down what I am thinking about at the time, or writing about the blog post topic I chose from my “prompts jar” at home, or what I can observe from the people coming and going in the coffee shop, just making sure that I am at least writing something down. Most of the time I can zone out the talk and just hear the chatter; it encourages my writing and I rarely find it distracting. Then I put in my earphones and listen to classical and piano music by famous composers such as Ludovico Einaudi and Roberto Cacciapaglia whom I love and it helps me focus and concentrate. I write for about an hour longer, taking short breaks to prevent burnout, sipping my coffee as I go and I might order one of the little cakes they have on display to treat myself as I don’t do it often. I then read my current book for about half an hour and decide to go home.

12:45 – 3

(I took this, please give me credit if you use it!)

When I get home I leave my journal, pens and money and I set off with my Nikon camera, and probably go for a walk around the lakes near me or go to the forest with my dad, sitting by the water watching nature, or walking in the woods (it clears my mind) and taking photos of the birds if I can find my way to the bird hide. I will also experiment with exposure in my photography in Manual mode because I have been stuck in auto mode ever since I bought my camera and I need to learn. I will probably be wearing a jumper because in England it is cold this time of year. The forest will smell of damp fallen leaves and musk, and I will breathe in the fresh and crisp air while a chill breeze touches my skin. And the woods will seem quiet yet full of life because the wind will be rustling through the canopy and the birds will be singing. The trees, in autumn, will be bursting with colour – from oranges, browns, reds, yellows and greens – lots of earthy colours and it will be beautiful. It will look like poetry, and I will be content. By this time it’s probably 3 in the afternoon and I upload my best photos to Flickr when I get back home whilst drinking another cup of warm Nescafe coffee.

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3 – 7:30

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After all that, I will probably check my emails and mark them all read and delete them because I know they are not important and that they’re only subscriptions and they’re just clogging my inbox. I will then check social media to see if I have any notifications and deal with them. We’ll watch Neighbours the TV show because it’s a daily tradition in our family. We seriously can’t live without it. And then, I’ll probably watch Netflix up until half 6 to catch up on my favourite tv shows, and have dinner too – a nice juicy beef burger with sweet chilli sauce (what we usually have before dancing). Half 6 is when I start getting ready to go out dancing.

7:30 – midnight

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At around 7:30 ( I try to get dad to leave exactly on the dot because I always like to be early and never want to miss a minute of dancing – it starts at 8) I will set off with my dad to go to our Jive class for about 3 hours, dancing with anyone and everyone in freestyle (my favourite part of the evening) to loud pop/jive music and having a lot of fun. I will stop and chat to a few people between dances but what I really want is to be on the dancefloor. I love dancing because it energises me and makes me happy and I can’t stop smiling when I dance. I probably look like a crazy person but when I dance I don’t care what other people think. Then my dad and I will go to the casino at around 11 after we’ve said our goodbyes to friends, and we’ll order a hot chocolate each and maybe some cheesy chips. We’ll talk about dance for about half and hour to 45 minutes and we’ll people-watch and then go back home for around midnight. At the end of this perfect day, I’ll be knackered and fall asleep as soon as my head hits the pillow.

Featured Photo Credit: Sergey Zolkin

This blog post is in response to Natalie’s 10 Day Freedom Plan Blog Challenge Day 3



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