Jet Black Heart

Hurricane. She was a whirlwind. Captivating and entrancing, people feared how wild her mind was. Desperate. She wanted people to like her. Caught in her own world, it was hard for her to be understood. Charmed. Everyone was enchanted by her smile. It was how she hid her sadness away from the world. Lost. She didn’t really fit in much. But I think she liked it that way, it was unique. Dreamer. Her imagination always ran free. To try and control it would be deemed a crime.

Helpless. Her mind was so loud. Tired and angry, she could not speak up to the people who hurt her, however unintentionally. Doubtful. She didn’t believe anyone would listen. To them, she was just a girl with big Blue eyes and an even bigger smile. Calm. The most laid back person I know. It was torture to watch her be this relaxed about everything. Wonder. She looked in awe at the world. It was easy to be envious of her wide-eyed excitement and naivety. Art. I looked at her like she was a masterpiece. Behind her fair facade was a deeper meaning that not even I understood, and I did try.

Heart. She wrote from her heart like her blood was the ink. When her words flooded the page it was then that I began to notice the flicker in her eyes. Story. No-one could read her like a book. But I was determined to uncover all the secrets I could find between the lines. Quiet. She didn’t talk much. Although her eyes, blue as the night sky, spoke a thousand words. Mesmerising. She wasn’t the prettiest. But by God, I couldn’t look away. Enough. She felt as if she could never be enough for anyone. I told her she needs to start loving herself and her jet black heart more than she’d ever loved anything.

Believer. One day, she thought. She will get out of this place eventually. Memories. Cutting off the negative people. Now all that’s left are the memories of strangers she once knew so well and the good times that came with them. Content. So peaceful in her bearing. It does not do to dwell on things out of your control. Fine. It was what she told everyone anyway. And no-one thought anything of it as always, but she didn’t mind. Loved. I don’t think she realised it. She was oblivious and I think that made her sad; she had no idea and it was so frustrating.

Kind. She never did anyone any wrong. But oh, how she’s been wronged by so many people in the past. Radiant. She brought a smile to everyone’s face when she entered the room. She wouldn’t succumb to being miserable like all the other people around her, who, unbeknownst to them, all had frowns on their faces. Nature. If I was her, I too would prefer to be amongst the trees. The forest offered her sanctity when she needed some time alone to recuperate; you’ll find her playing with the foxes. Pure. She was like a breath of fresh air on a warm day in spring. In a field of wildflowers, she would just lie on the ground and watch the clouds go by, wondering what it would be like to float up there with them. Ablaze. I could see fire dancing in her eyes. Her eyes communicated to me what she could not say out loud.

Photo Credit: Brooke Cagle


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