Girl With The Lightning Touch

She was an ordinary girl with a marvellous yet frightening gift. If you could call it that. You see, no-one would go near her. And even if they did, they wouldn’t stay long – she’d send them running. Maybe she’s used to it by now but each time she thinks it will be different although it never is. She had lightning in her veins and when she touched someone they would run because they didn’t want to be with someone with that amount of strength in their blood. It would cripple them. They never know how to react.

She was like the storm that everyone liked but did not want to be caught in so they’d stay at home in the warm. They’d stay away. Because they’d fear that they would get hit by lightning. It was like a curse. Everyone has flaws and she was waiting for someone to come along who accepted her, who was able to stitch the pieces of her brokenness back together. She needed someone who was immune to the lightning in her fingers and someone who would embrace it.

If only brokenness was a work of art. Maybe then someone would fall in love with her. I think that people don’t know how to love her because she’s too much for everyone. Too loving, too caring. And you know, she keeps smiling in hope because that’s what she’s like; she doesn’t want anyone to think she’s weak. No-one stays long enough to get to know her but if they did they’d realise that she is strong. If people would just stay for one second longer and really look at her, really understand her, then maybe she’d have a chance. You can see it in her eyes that she’s not really happy, but no-one can see past the smile. Or rather, no-one bothers to look past it just like no-one really looks into the meaning behind a painting – all they see is the paint. She’s that one painting in the corner of an art gallery that everyone sees but does not look at in depth yet she tries her best to stand out because she will not accept defeat.

She saw all the beauty in things; the way the waves lap at the shore, the way the wind rustles through the trees, the colour of every sunset and the sky at night. But nobody saw the beauty in her. I guess people thought she was average, not worth looking at. And I think she’s trying to accept that because time and time again people run and she’s tired of chasing after them. So she hides away afraid that the people she gets close to next will be scared off by her lightning touch. She hides away because it comforts her to know that no-one will run away if she’s alone; she won’t get hurt.

All she wants is an igniting love but all it takes is a spark and I hope that when she finds that kind of love that she won’t crumble into herself, that she won’t shy away. I wonder if she ever caught someone’s attention when she was minding her own business. I wonder if they wanted to get to know her or anything like that. Because god knows she deserves it. She deserves the kind of love she keep trying to give everyone else. But soon, she may quit trying.

I don’t know if she will realise it when the time comes, though. I think she will be so broken then that she will think that she won’t ever be enough. And she’ll be the one who runs away because she can never trust what anyone says anymore. She won’t believe you when you say “forever” because no-one ever means it and she will tell you to stop lying when you say you love her. You won’t like her for it and maybe you’ll get angry, but I’m telling you, please be patient because when she falls, she falls hard and she loves hard. She’ll love you more than you’ve ever been loved before. Just wait for her.

Photo Credit: Ryan Moreno


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