When The Night Falls

Our thoughts are like stars scattered in the night sky – some arranged into constellations and others, just there, pure and still, but bright in their own right. Without the dark, the constellations we call our thoughts in that big expanding universe of ours would not be seen; would not be contemplated because they wouldn’t exist in the bright of the day, tarnished by the epic burning mass of the sun. In the night we can love our thoughts and we don’t have to fear them or tuck them away neatly in a box.

In the darkest of nights we can see more stars and we can be at ease with them – watching and waiting. But we do not wait for the day to return because then we would have to hide away our thoughts, calling them distractions when we want to get things done. We don’t want to think during the day because our stars, along with the sunlight would blind us. We would lose our sight and the stars would not shine as bright in the night sky. They would be gone and we would lose ourselves along with the stars. Everyone is a moon with their own patch of stars, and I think, when we capture our thoughts in the dark of night, we, too, capture the moon.

hold it in your hands:

“Everyone is a moon, and has a dark side he never shows to anybody.” – Mark Twain

In the night, we can run free with our thoughts, we can lay our hearts on the line for nobody but ourselves. We can let it all out. The day is a platform on which we bottle all of our thoughts and feelings, and only in the night do the contents spill out, as tears, as words… as art. Quite frankly the moon knows all my secrets but she will not tell the sun for she is loyal. You can trust the moon and I think there is a beauty and purity in that. The night sky knows things and it holds these things dearly, like scars on the skin, the night sky is full of stories unfathomable to us mere mortals, yet so undeniably mortal that we cannot possibly understand them. But we try.

We entrust in the night to swear an oath of silence because it has seen things and truths, wonderful and horrid things that we could not even dream of seeing. It is brave, the night. It’s a miracle it hasn’t crumbled and broken down in despair and hurt, joy and excitement. There are two sides to the moon like there are two sides to every person. And it is the side that we hide in the day that the night knows so well. But the moon, well, she is merciful.

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“Whatever causes night in our souls may leave stars.” – Victor Hugo, Ninety Three

People dislike the night, and I don’t know why. Maybe it’s because there’s not enough time in the day. But I say that they day lasts for 24 hours and even though the sky gets dark during the last hours, there’s no reason you can’t stay up and look at the stars. Because if everyone in the world spent the time to just look at the stars, even for a second, and free themselves of whatever they had previously been worrying about then maybe, the world would be calm.

The night is quiet, and it doesn’t judge. Yet it is so incredibly alive. I don’t think it is possible to have a day as beautiful as the night. But of course, they are two different things, unique in their own ways and devastatingly difficult to compare. We are so disconnected from nature that we forget we are part of it. The world rests, but our souls are etched into every star, like celestial fireflies, dancing in the moonlit sky that we cannot truly be resting. It is a burden but it is also a comfort; that we are a part of the sky we know so well yet do not know in totality.

by Patrick Hendry

“Every star was once darker than the night, before it awoke.” – Dejan Stojanovic

I think it a tragedy to be wired to sleep in the night when there are other creatures and being who treat the night as day. But we must appreciate its inherent beauty while we can before we sleep. The moon will turn our late night thoughts into silver specks scattered across the great expanse. And then you start to wonder, “why aren’t I up there with the stars?” but the moon doesn’t reply and you realise that you are. The silence of the night answers all your questions.

It’s quite possibly maddening to see all your thoughts as stars laid out like that for anyone who dares to lay their eyes upon them. The stars have permanent places in the sky, memories that can be forgotten and relived night after night. And as the dark grows into deeper and deeper shades of night, the stars get brighter and our thoughts turned ever more corrupt and bleak. But when you tell your thoughts to the night, it will accept them without question and I think, then, your heart becomes a little lighter, like you have offloaded something from your chest. But the moonlight is not harsh like the sunlight, it falls upon your skin softly and it will not judge with prying eyes.

by Greg Rakozy

I don’t think people fear the night, I think they fear what lies hidden in the shadows. That’s what keeps people up a night. And I think people stay up late at night because they don’t think anyone understands them. Except, there are many other people who think that too, so they are not alone even if they feel like it. I do not understand the night, but I feel like it does not want to be understood. It wants to remain a mystery. It wants to and so it does. And when the songbird imparts his familiar lyrical verse upon us and the night disappears into the morning, the day jolts us back to reality.

“She remembered somebody saying that at night we are all strangers, even to ourselves, and this struck her as being true.”

Featured Photo Credit: Axel Antas-Bergkvist


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