Ladder To The Stars

Don’t you wish you could climb a ladder one step at a time up to the stars, to sit atop a cloud and watch the world go by? You could float across cities, continents and observe life like a celestial being; part of the world and yet seeing it from a distance. What would the world look like from that high up? Would you look at it with fondness or disgrace, anger or happiness? For it is your world and you live in it. You are a part of what makes the world tick. If you could just sit on a cloud between the land and the stars in silence and just think, how wonderful and peaceful that would seem! Without being a part of the ebb and flow of the people downstairs for that quiet moment on a cloud just sitting and watching.

You could see lands undiscovered, areas untouched by the human mind or hands, and you would think to yourself how beautiful the world must have been long ago; long before  man had ever laid eyes on this ancient mass of rock in the sky. And you may tear up because the world is far from that; it is changed. And you are jolted back to reality when the ladder is knocked down by a storm, and the cloud you are sitting on stars pouring heavy rain. You fall and you fall, and you accept the inevitable ending. But the clouds, they were only a dream. You cannot contemplate what the world would be like without dreamers or without art. It frightens you.

It is still night and the stars shine brightly. You look out of your window and they seem so far away when a few minutes ago in your sleep you were right up there with them. You fell asleep in the arms of a dream so beautiful that the immediate world that surrounds you seems so insignificant, so small, just a dot on the face of the universe. It was then that you wish you were born with wings with which you could just fly up to the sky without being protected by a dream, without the judging eyes of the world’s people who think so big of themselves, who think that they are the most important person they know. It seems so silly to be so big-headed when in reality we are so tiny, and we are not as humble as we should be. Do you ever wonder what the purpose of it all is?

We dwell in a corner of the galaxy, occupying just a part of it, and that is such a fundamental truth that I am afraid. I think our short lives would be empty if we could not see at least one star in our lives. If the sky was permanently dark it would be a tragedy and it would be difficult. So when you dream, think of the stars and then understand that the world still goes on even when people are not there anymore.

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