Creating The Mental Space To Write

I write. Quite a lot. But where I write is not important, or special. As long as I have a mug of tea or coffee, music playing in the background, my journal and a pen, I am good to go. I could write anywhere because my writing really doesn’t turn out any different wherever I am when I write. As my mum always says, “it all looks the same in your stomach”, but that’s about food. What I’m saying is, “it all looks the same on the page” because everything that you have ever read or written is a combination of the same 26 letters. Crazy, right? It kinda makes it sound simple.

The truth is, sometimes I can write fluently and other times it takes a whole load of effort to even write a paragraph, however good or bad the words turn out. Not because I’ve lost motivation and not because I have “writer’s block” and need inspiration but because sometimes I just don’t feel like writing, and that’s ok. I don’t have to write every day. Thoughts don’t always come to mind immediately or easily and sometimes they do. I think my brain just needs to relax a little bit. Thinking to the mind is a bit like physical exercise to the body; it needs rest and caffeine. A lot of caffeine, actually. I mean I do a few things to help my blogging process move swiftly along, like putting classical or piano music on my Spotify queue for no-nonsense listening. This type of music calms me because there are no lyrics and I can focus properly. But I do struggle often, and it takes me a long time before I actually start writing in the morning. Queue distractions…

The most annoying distractions of all are Facebook or Twitter. I get so caught up in reading posts or looking at funny videos that I could just spend an hour or two doing just that. Usually, I do it when I know I’m supposed to be writing something, and then when I do want to get down and write something, I look up “writing tips” on twitter or WordPress reader so nothing actually ends up getting done. And so I feel like I’ve wasted half the day and I spend the next half of the day angrily drinking coffee and being annoyed at myself. But because my laptop is the thing that I write on the most and use social media, it is ever so easy to be distracted so my productivity goes downhill. The struggle is real.

When you try to force your mind to do something, like think, it resists, or it thinks about something else. Most of the time you need to give your head some space to chill and let it do what it wants to do to satisfy it. Your brain needs time to process. Wouldn’t it be great if you could just open up a blank page and just write seamlessly? That would be heaven. But most of the time that doesn’t happen. I can write 5 posts in one day and the next, nothing, because I feel like I’ve used up all my thinking energy and my brain doesn’t want to work. So you start to develop a routine to make sure that you are in that writing frame of mind every morning because nothing else seems to work. And sometimes, the morning routine will get you in the habit of writing after the routine is done.

So how do you create the mental space to write? Is there anything in particular you do to get you in the writing frame of mind? Let me know. Also, what do want me to write about in the future? Submit ideas through my contact form or down in the comments if you want. I really appreciate it.



4 thoughts on “Creating The Mental Space To Write

  1. I almost agree to everything here with respect to my writing habits as well. I Just don’t write if I feel there is nothing to. And at times it goes till 15 days.

    I can suggest you to look over daily prompts and weekly challenges. They do help me a lot to build up posts.

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    1. See I feel guilty if I don’t write for more than 3 days and I know it’s irrational but that’s how I feel because I usually post every day and I know a lot of people won’t notice if I don’t post anything, but if I don’t write for myself, I feel like I can’t call myself a writer :L if that makes sense? Yeah I think I’ll do that!

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