There’s a particular atmosphere at a concert where everyone is in harmony and in time with the music.

We all have the same beat. It’s alive with the beating of our young hearts. It is home. The music is loud and everyone is singing along however bad their singing voices are but no-one cares because everyone is having too much fun. We all sing louder than we ever have before, letting our inhibitions and our guards down. We’re free. The rhythm of the drums and the bass are beating through our chests and it feels as if we are part of the music, contributing to the show. Everyone jumps up and down on fast songs and waves their phone torches in the air when it’s a slow song and we love it. Everyone is on a high and its pure bliss; nothing can bring us down when we’re there. Nothing at all.

We have thousands of people there on our side and we are one.

No one can drag us down from that high because we are all there supporting each other and the band. We love each and every individual that is there in that concert hall with us even if we only know two other people personally. We make friends there and we bond. In that concert hall, everyone is thinking on the same wavelength and I cherish that.

We love the band so much, and they have done son much for us like got us through our problems, our heartache and our heartbreak. They make us feel better like we can do anything and that we are enough. They take our fears and our sadness away and we want to give them the world as thanks because they deserve it. We are proud of all the band members and feel as if we know them. They are our pride and joy and we hope that they think the same of us.

The lyrics of the songs mean different things to everyone in the room yet exactly the same thing.

I love those few hours in that massive room with everyone singing their hearts out in time with the music and not giving a damn about what anyone else thinks. It’s beautiful. But it’s not just the music that helps us along, it’s the band members that wrote those lyrics. We can understand what’s on their mind from what they write and share with us. They are only human and so are we, but we are connected I think, on a spiritual level.

The trouble is, sometimes they are the only people we feel this way about. And it can be quite nice to have that support. We hope that the band we all love so much knows how much they do for us just by writing music. God, I can’t imagine what life would be like without music. We’d all be very sad and bitter people and the world would probably go insane. Music is an escape and it helps us to deal with life so without it, we’d all despair because there would be no escape from the cruelty of the world.

It would be dangerous. Scary, even. Art takes the pain away and we can all express what we truly feel in art and without it, our worst nightmares would come true. In music and in art, you can say what you want to without explicitly saying it to anyone – it can have deeper meanings behind it, if you dare to read behind the lines or in between the pixels or the paint strokes. There is a song for everyone, a genre for everyone.

You can live for 100 years and never listen to the same song twice.

We can rely on music and art; for every mood you are in, or for every thought that you are thinking there is a song for that exact feeling. It’s quite glorious really. When you hear that perfect song describing your current situation, it’s magic. It’s like, at least, there is someone out there who understands you. Music, well, it gives us something and someone to relate to and that is its own kind of special.

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Photo Credit: Anthony Delanoix


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