My Bucket List

I don’t have a lot of things on my bucket list yet, I’m still adding, but all of them have something in common: TRAVEL! After I graduate from university, I want to work whilst travelling so I can see all these places, you know, before I pick a career path and get a job and all. F*ck going straight into a job I hate for the rest of my life, I want to see the world. I’m still young and I have all my life ahead of me, so why not do all these things when I still have the time?!

  1. Learn to dive in the Great Barrier Reef
  2. Travel Australia for a year
  3. Volunteer with Big Cats in South Africa/ Gap360 Volunteer with Big Cats in South Africa
  4. Road trip in America – and go to Universal Studios and Disneyland
  5. Go to Cuba before it changes
  6. Volunteer in China with pandas
  7. Teach English as a Foreign Language in China and Cambodia
  8. Dive in Bali
  9. Graduate Mental Health Placement in Bali or Sri Lanka
  10. Travel around Italy – Rome, Venice, Naples, Milan, Florence, Pisa and Sicily
  11. Go to Santorini in Greece
  12. Volunteer with Elephants in Thailand and go island hopping

What sort of things are on your bucket lists? I’d love to hear about your ideas and future plans! I’m still thinking of things to add so I might borrow some of your ideas, who knows?


8 thoughts on “My Bucket List

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