When You Believe in Something

Dear Mummy,

Is Santa real? All the kids at school say he’s fake. All the kids at school keep telling me that Santa isn’t real and that their parents told them. And they say I’m stupid for still believing in him. Am I stupid, mum? Santa is real, isn’t he? I want to believe in him but people keep saying that it’s dumb. That they’re too old to believe in him now. Can you ever truly be too old to believe in Santa? I mean, I’ve never actually seen him, but he brings me really great presents so he must be real! I want to write him a letter to tell him I still believe in him. It’s not childish. I’m not childish. All the kids at school are just being mean. But that’s going to put them on the naughty list and they won’t get presents, right? I don’t want to be wrong about Santa, but everyone says I am. I’m the only one who still believes in him. And I don’t know what to think. I hope he is real. It’s not stupid, mum, is it? You told me he’s real and you’re never wrong about anything so I trust you, and I trust that he is real. But why don’t all the other kids still believe? Did they do something bad? Maybe I need to cheer everyone up and tell them it’s ok because Santa will still give them presents if they’re good from now on. You don’t just stop getting presents. Mummy, can we do something for everyone at school, like buy them presents? I know we don’t have much money, but it will be nice.




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