A Pop of Colour


This is one of my favourite photos that I’ve taken because it’s a caged exotic bird; a blue and gold macaw. It was at the farm that we stayed at and there were about four, one was a red macaw. There was one macaw, though, who had plucked most of his feathers out. He was called Max and he had lost his mate, and since they mate for life, Max was distressed and depressed, and out of respect, I didn’t take a picture of him because it was really sad. They are hoping to pair him with another macaw soon, so I’m happy about that. But like nail biting, feather plucking is a habit and the farmers don’t know if he’ll be able to stop. So I took a picture of this lil guy instead, in the same cage, which was quite small by the way and I did not agree with it at all. It was fascinating to see these beautiful birds up close.


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