Word-High July: Round-Up

Thank you so much Rosema of A Reading Writer and Maria of Doodles and Scribbles for creating Word-High July: 30 Beautiful Filipino Words, it made my writing in July even better. I loved learning all these new and beautiful Filipino Words and the culture that goes with them and creating content based on them. It was very challenging at some pints I have to be honest but I pushed through and have finally finished all of them even if I’m a bit late to the party. So here are all 30 of my Word-High July posts with their definitions. Most of these are poems so if you like poems here you go:

  1. Kilig – Butterflies in ones stomach
  2. Timpi – To control one’s self
  3. Tinatangi – Special someone
  4. Gunita – Memory, recollection
  5. Kalinaw – Serenity, tranquility
  6. Bughaw – The colour blue
  7. Muni-Muni – To think deeply, to ponder
  8. Silakbo – Emotional outburst
  9. Pagsamo – The act of pleading
  10. Indak – To dance in time with the music
  11. Humaling – Extreme fondness
  12. Takipsilim – Twilight, dusk
  13. Harana – The act of wooing someone by serenading him or her
  14. Balintataw – The pupil of the eye
  15. Siping – To lie down beside someone
  16. Marahuyo – To be enchanted
  17. Kaulayaw – A pleasant and intimate companion
  18. Paraluman – A muse that inspires artistically
  19. Habilin – Anything given to someone for safekeeping
  20. Kundiman – Love song
  21. Amihan – Northeast wind, breeze
  22. Makisig – Dashing, well-dressed, gorgeous
  23. Likha – To create something through intelligence and skill
  24. Dalisay – Pure, undiluted
  25. Kinaadman – Knowledge, wisdom
  26. Pahimakas – Last farewell
  27. Yugto – A fundamental transition or development of a story or phenomenon
  28. Halakhak – A loud, uninhibited laughter
  29. Gigil – Uncontrollable urge to pinch or squeeze someone
  30. Tadhana – An invisible force that makes things happen beyond the control of mortals



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