Day by day nothing changes

but when I look back,

everything is different;

it’s sad when the people who

gave me the best memories

become a memory,

knocking the wind out of me

only to be replayed

a million times over

in my head.

All I can do is live,

take risks, make mistakes and

have no regrets; 

they shape every detail

of the person I am;

I’ll only regret the chances

I didn’t take.

Some nights I wish I could

go back in time,

just to feel a couple of things twice;

I woke up one day and

nothing was the same anymore.

I had to learn

to let go.

In response to Word-High July: 30 Beautiful Filipino Words Day 27 – Yugto



4 thoughts on “Yugto

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    1. People change, circumstances change, one day you can be best friends with someone and just a small word or disagreement can cause a fall out and never speaking to them again. It is really sad but that’s how life works unfortunately, I would’ve lived to stay friends with the people who used to know me the best but it doesn’t work like that, sometimes you have to grow up and let go.

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