A Fleeting Encounter

If we were having coffee right now… I would arrive in the coffee shop earlier than you as always and you’d have OK’d me to buy myself a coffee before you come, so I order a gingerbread latte, my favourite. There would be someone behind me in the queue, and you know, he’s quite good looking so obviously I had to double check. I didn’t know if my imagination was playing with me. It wasn’t.  He told me that his favourite coffee was also a gingerbread latte, and I’d say I was introduced to it last year, and it’s the only thing I ever order in Costa anymore. We’d both laugh and that was that. Then you’d arrive at the coffee shop and I’d tell you about this Fleeting Encounter with this beautiful stranger, and you’d say “April, why did you not get his number??!!” with raised eyebrows, and I’d say I’m too shy and never asked a guy for his number before. You’d tell me to always take every opportunity you can because you’ll regret it otherwise. “Well, next time you’ll remember! When you meet someone good looking in public, you find yourself thinking about them for the rest of the day.” I shrug. And I do think about him for a while, until he slips my mind.

If we were having coffee right now… I’d tell you about my friend in trouble, but I cant go into detail. All you need to know is thatiam hurt by what he did. You’d say you’d be there for me if I needed to talk about it, and I’d get teary. You’d also say that even if you were in Australia you’d get on the next plane back if I needed you too. And that would make me sniff and I’d hug you. “I just wish people wouldn’t get themselves in trouble! UGH.” “I know, I know you do, but it’s a cruel world and people do stupid things.” “Why are people so dumb?” I’d ask you, and we’d giggle and then sip our coffees to fill the silence. But it’s not an awkward silence, it’s a comforting one. “Don’t ever do something stupid ok?” I’d tell you, and you’d reply “no chance” and nudge my arm and wink. “Same goes for you!” I’d never do something stupid enough to hurt one of my friends. I swear I’m never going to talk to him again even if I’m really tempted. 

If we were having coffee right now… I would tell you im going on holiday for ten days starting this weekend, and that there will be no WiFi. And I’d tell you how annoyed I will be because I won’t be blogging as much, even though I love it so much. I have to pay for the WiFi if I want to use my Tablet. You’d say you won’t be able to snapchat me your beautiful face, and I’d say I know, you won’t be able to see my gorgeous mug either. We’d laugh and then take a sip of our coffee. “What if I kept up your blog for you?” you’d say and then I’d give you that look with raised eyebrows,  and you’d say “WHAT? I’m a great writer”. “Of course you are my friend, you don’t even read!” “OK Magazine counts!” “It really doesn’t”. You’d tell me to blog as often as I can and I’d say I would try but WiFi isn’t free, and I’d make a sad face. 

If we were having coffee right now… You’d ask me how my dancing is going. And I’d say “AMAZING. I really, really love it!”and you’d say “good, I’m glad!” But I won’t be going dancing when I’m on holiday because obviously it’s too far away, unless I can’t find a club from the same company down on holiday, then I’d ask my dad if he wanted to go. Because I did bring my dancing shoes and I don’t want to waste them. And it makes me sad because I’m going to miss going for one week, and I’ll miss everyone there too. “Everyone? Or just one person?” you’d ask, and I’d tell you I didn’t see him last week so shush. “Well next time, get his number”, “It’s not that easy!” I’d reply, and you’d ask “Do you like him?” And I’d say “yes”. “Well then”. And that would be the end of the conversation, but you’d remind me at the end of our coffee share because you really want me to get his number.

If we were having coffee right now… You’d ask me why people are so miserable on Mondays because the person who served you coffee earlier did not smile once, and I’d say that I detected something was wrong too. “It’s a Monday,  people are always miserable on Mondays for some reason.” “It’s also raining, that’s probably got something to do with it”. I’d think to myself why this could be and came up with the conclusion that everyone just follows everyone else – emotion is contagious. So a miserable person will make people around them miserable too. I doubt it has anything to do with Mondays,  or mornings, or rain. Maybe people are just moody in general and make an exception when the sun comes out. “You have a weird thinking face” you’d say, and I’d burst out laughing – one of those belly laughs you just can’t control. And people would stare but you’d join in and we wouldn’t care because we aren’t miserable on this rainy Monday morning.



8 thoughts on “A Fleeting Encounter

  1. I love this!! And I laughed so hard on the first one. I would be shy to ask too if I’m in your place. It will not even cross my mind. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜… anyway, it’s my first time on weekend coffeeshare and it’s amazing to read others take on this. 😊


  2. I enjoyed this IMMENSELY. I do an “evening coffee” bit where I ramble about whatever, but it’s nothing as good as this. Oh but if love to have a coffee and chat one day, lol! Have a great holiday-embrace going off the grid, it does wonders for the soul I promise.

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    1. Thank you Amanda, that means a lot πŸ˜„πŸ˜„ ooohh I’ll check it out, is it every evening? Haha I tried, but I gave in and paid the Β£15 for the week for unlimited WiFi πŸ˜… I really did try, because you only get half an hour free WiFi at all for one device :/

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