I thought I’d try something new and add a video to a post. This is Love Song by Sara Bareilles and I adore it. It’s wonderful. It stayed on Billboard Hot 100 for 41 weeks. In 2011, she explained: “It was actually written for my record label. I had been turning in new music. I was getting the red light. I couldn’t go into the studio yet because they were waiting for something. But I wouldn’t … nobody said what they were waiting for. So I kept turning in new songs, thinking like, ‘Is this what you want? Is this what you want?’ And it was always a big thumbs down, and I ended up writing ‘Love Song’ out of frustration.” In 2014, she stated it was “very tongue-in-cheek” and “nasty in a passive-aggressive way,” confirming it was a response to the record label pressuring her to make safe, “radio friendly” songs. I listen to this song when I’m feeling frustrated about love and guys because it has a lot of truth in the words. It works! Hope you enjoy it like I do.

In response to Word-High July: 30 Beautiful Filipino Words Day 20 – Kundiman



16 thoughts on “Kundiman

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  2. So glad to be hearing this song again. I love it (although Sarah’s I Choose You tops my favorite). 🙂 Haha… I find it weird that I was thinking about Bonnie Tyler’s If I Sing You A Love Song with this prompt. Oh well, I guess my old soul’s kicking in.


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