You must tread softly,

The forest carpet in bloom;

I was left spellbound.

Leaves rustling like they lived;

They will enchant your kind soul.

Wander through the trees

But stay quiet and peaceful;

The trail is magic.

I wished I could disappear

To the whispers of nature,


Side note: Do you know how long it takes to find a good picture of an enchanted forest? Absolutely ages.

In response to Word-High July: 30 Beautiful Filipino WordsΒ Day 16 – Marahuyo



10 thoughts on “Marahuyo

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      1. Wow, ya it passes on its character of magnanimity, mystery, solace and life, to the one in its surrounding! Today only, I took a walk and clicked some pics. I even took out my notebook to write in that location, because I felt I had attained a particular state of mind and it would be best to write my thoughts then and there πŸ™‚


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