Confession Time

I used to really hate having my picture taken, by anybody. Seriously. I was never as comfortable in front of a camera as behind one. That’s probably because when I was younger I was really shy, and I would never speak. I mean, I was an insecure little caterpillar(?). I had a gazillion thoughts, but I would never say them out loud. You wouldn’t recognise me, I’m a completely changed person now in a good way. I used to be insecure about my hair, my smile… you know, the whole puberty thing. It was a nightmare. I had exactly the same haircut as I did when I was, like 10, all through my teenage years. Cringe. But no-one mentioned anything about it so I assumed it was fine, except it wasn’t. I never want to look at teenage pictures of me ever again. You can’t make me. I never felt pretty when I was a teenager and I saw everyone else in my year group at school as beautiful and perfect, and I compared myself to them. I had a small group of friends in school, but I was so shy I’d hardly talk to them either. It was only really in college that I started to talk more to people, although I still lacked confidence. And then in my second year of university, after working a whole summer in sales, I grew up and my confidence came with it and now I’m a social butterfly and loving life. I can literally talk to anyone now and strike up conversations, and my friendship group is growing exponentially. And now I can look in the mirror and be proud of myself for how far I’ve come.

So if you liked this confession, CONFESS something to me in the comments!



7 thoughts on “Confession Time

  1. Hi, we were probably twin sisters that were separated at birth ’cause I can say we had the same childhood. I definitely recognise myself in your confession and believe me I’m happy those years are over.. Seems like I’m the one people can’t get enough of and find amazing…lol still wondering where that’s coming from (smh)..Anyways I love your post, please do keeep it up.. Idealize dropped by 😉 chaio

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