“The sun kissed the mountain tops

enveloping them in a golden blanket,

a mist travelled forth

the trees almost hushed

and the birds returned to bed,

bidding farewell to the last glow

of the day.

Ablaze with colour,

the horizon turned a rosebud red,

unsettled by a dusky purple here

a warm peach there;

day and night eternally intertwined

only to meet fleetingly,

but never co-existing.

Soon the shadows grow,

light becomes dark,

night’s blue hood falls on the land

and the sky litters with

tiny silver specks

unfathomable to us mortals,

dancing in the skyline

looking down at the world.

Listen to the sunset

see its pretty hue,

everyday a new masterpiece.”

In response to Word-High July: 30 Beautiful Filipino Words Day 12 – Takipsilim



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