“How strange it is to think

actual thoughts.

The philosophy of life

and the universe

is particularly difficult

to ponder.

Why does man have

to sit, and wonder

why, why, why?

We tell ourselves

that we understand;

it is a matter of

time, patience and


Our imagination becomes the universe,

but only we are privy to it;

the rest of the world

missing out.

We think in great depth

about the inexhaustible variety of life,

and we must reach

sometimes unpleasant conclusions.

For the world is not just

how it is;

it is how we understand it,

and that makes life a story.

And we must not be so stuck

in our thinking,

or bound by our perspective

that we cannot enjoy living

our life’s story.”

In response to Word-High July: 30 Beautiful Filipino Words Day 7 – Muni-Muni



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