The Last Letter I Wrote By Hand

Last year I wrote a letter to myself. I was doing a Frontrunner Leadership course at university. It lasted for 4 days, and on one of the days, we had to write a letter to our future selves for what we hope we achieve. The company kept the letters and mailed them to us 6 months later. I totally forgot about this letter that I wrote to myself so it was a total surprise when I found in inside the letter box! I have the letter right here so I’ll type it out and then respond to it.


Dear future April,

My hope for you is to be able to be more confident. In the second year of uni, try to develop your weaknesses into strengths, things that you may not feel you are capable of doing. Continue to go out of your comfort zone, experience new things! At the moment you now know what a leader is, and understand power and influence, so try and become a leader, carry on developing this skill. It will be useful! Develop new skills, develop a passion; something which you can’t stop talking about. Try to become better at talking in front of people, and elaborate on your ideas and what you’re trying to say – make it clear, don’t jumble your words. Build your confidence. Become a better communicator, it will certainly benefit you.

Love, past April 🙂


Dear past April,

I think I have done you proud. I’ve definitely become more confident – you wouldn’t recognise me, stop stressing, you will get there. I am more confident, great at talking in front of people and I can basically talk to anyone. You will come out of your shy little shell, don’t you worry. And guess what, you actually did become a leader. Yeah, you heard me. You know we learned about leadership in organisations? We got promoted after just five weeks to the role of “leadership”! And now I’m a perfectionist, everything has to be done right, and if someone isn’t cooperating, I tell them to get on with it. You have definitely gone out of your comfort zone – the only way to improve your confidence is getting out there and actually taking to people. Sales helped you do that, and you made loads of friends in the process. You practised your communication and conversational skills with hundreds of people so I congratulate you and i am forever thankful. I can say, you were right saying that it would benefit me. So much so that you actually got an 85(!) in a university presentation. Good on you. Mind blowing, isn’t it? It’s the highest grade you’ve achieved (so far!!!).

And guess what? You’ve also found more than one passion! Did you ever think that something like that would happen? You now love photography, blogging, and dancing. I know you were a worrier, past me, but you just need to take a chill pill. Everything will happen for you in due course. All you need to do now is carry on developing these skills and passions, which obviously I know you’re going to do because you love them. You still have loads of Jive beginners classes to do, and your photography course, and you won’t ever stop writing because I know how much it helps you get your thoughts down into words. So cheer up little one, I know you’re scared and kind of lost right now but it will all be all right, stay optimistic.

Love, future April.



8 thoughts on “The Last Letter I Wrote By Hand

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  2. I think I would try this! Wooow I’m proud of you April. You’ve grown so much in such little time. And hey, I would love to see your dancing! Do you post videos on youtube?


    1. It’s very cool! If you give it to someone send ask them to remember to send it to you 6 months or a year down the line, you can see how much you’ve changed!! I have definitely changed, I’m completely different 😊 I don’t no, I may write a post about it though 😄

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  3. Wow! Great transformations I hear in this letter exchanged between two April’s. It makes feel so motivated. Congratulations for having taken forward your new hobbies 🙂


  4. I always loved this idea: writing a letter to yourself to be read sometime down the future. There is something indescribable about seeing your own words from a time when you were a completely different person, and seeing how much you’ve changed. Here’s to continuing to get better and better 🙂


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