“Unlike the city,

tranquillity has power,

one day you told me.

The raging waves roar,

and the sea birds soar above;

my calm soul is free.

My spirit feels light,

On top of this seaside hill,

you should stay; be still.

Lie in wildflowers,

watch the storm grow on the sea,

quiet and unseen.

Be one with nature

and be at peace with the world;

I find solitude

in quiet places.

The ocean can calm itself,

and so you can too.”

In response to Word-High July: 30 Beautiful Filipino Words Day 5 – Kalinaw


11 thoughts on “Kalinaw

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    1. The ocean is such a powerful and dangerous force, but it can calm itself and appear gentle and peaceful. I think the ocean is fascinating. And if the sea can calm itself, after a massive storm, then it’s reasonable to assume that a person can.

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