IBMC #10: The Happiness Challenge

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Happiness is sitting inside on a stormy day, by the fire. It’s when there is thunder and lightning outside and I’m tucked up in a blanket, warm and toasty, watching the giants assert their dominance in the skies. When the rain is pouring it down or it is hailing, and you know you don’t have to go outside that day, so you just listen to the rain hit the ground. Like white noise – it’s calming, and I could listen to it all day. Happiness is drinking a hot drink and watching Netflix while the storm rages outside. The smell after rain brings me joy.

Happiness is dancing the night away. Not caring about what anyone else thinks of my dancing skills but I dance anyway because I love it. It’s being twirled around by people, feeling like a princess for the night and being told I’m a really good dancer for a beginner. It’s feeling achy all day the next day, and knowing that I danced till my heart’s content and feeling muscles where you never knew you had them before. It’s when you get home the night after dancing for three hours non-stop and still hearing the music buzzing in your head, and still being dizzy from all the twists and turns I did. It’s lying in bed and going over all the dance moves I learned and all the conversations I had with the people I danced with.

Happiness is taking photos of pretty flowers. I love taking macro pictures of garden flowers. And wildflowers along the edge of the lakes near my house because flowers are all so different. All the flowers I see are all beautiful and they just make me happy. I love taking photos of flowers because I am good at it. Macro photography is one type of photography that I think I’ve almost mastered. But photography, in general, makes me happy, I love when I take a photo and then upload it to my laptop and it’s a really good picture. It feels like I’ve accomplished something.

Happiness is listening to music. There are so many songs and genres of music that suit every one of my different moods. And when I listen to music, the lyrics just perfectly sum up my life and I find it amazing how someone who I’ve never met before feels the exact same way that I do in certain situations. When I’m revising for exams, I listen to focus and classical music, and when I’m angry, I listen to rock music, or when I’m happy I listen to pop songs. It works so well.

What is happiness to you? Let me know down in the comments!

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