Gunita – Spain Part 2


Here’s a link to my previous post, Almería, Spain (Part 1) to give you a bit of context. Here are some of my memories from when I used to live in Spain…

This memory is quite a funny one. When we lived in Spain, in my primary school, there was this Spanish girl who was in my year and I was friends with her. Now bearing in mind I was like 7, she had these temporary tattoos. I was scared because I thought they were real tattoos because I had no clue how real tattoos were done. She probably got these temporary tattoos from a cereal box or something. Anyway, she dragged me to the school bathrooms one lunchtime, and put this temp tattoo on my arm, I think it was a dragon, and I thought I’d be in so much trouble with my parents and the teachers. But she kept it there until it dried, and pulled off the sticker bit and I was left with what I thought was a real tattoo. I hated her for it because I didn’t want a tattoo.


When we lived in Spain, there was this time in primary school where bubblegum was all the rage. There were these bubblegums which looked like watermelons, and they were so nice. Anyway, so all the Spanish girls in my class were sharing them around so of course, I asked for one because I didn’t want to be left out. But instead, they gave me a hard-boiled sweet. Can you believe it? How rude. I was literally so sad for the rest of the day, and I’m not sure if it was the same day or not, but I told my parents and my dad bought a whole bag of these watermelon bubblegums.


When we lived in Spain, at our house in the mountains, me and my siblings were basically free to run around anywhere, it was quite remote but we were safe. We went down to the Rambla one day at the bottom of the hill and we found this rock pool with tadpoles in. So we told our parents and we collected them and put them in a bucket and waited for them to grow into frogs. And a few days later we had a lot of mini frogs who hadn’t yet grown into adult frogs, it was so cute.


When we lived in Spain, we used to go down to the Rambla which was full of bamboo trees. Literally, thousands, so that meant that me and my siblings could have a little fun. We all had toy puppets – blue, dragon/ seahorse type things, they’re probably in the loft now. We put these puppet heads on the end of bamboo sticks and pretended they were horses and galloped down the Rambla. We had so much fun.


When we lived in Spain, we had lots and lots of power cuts. If you read my previous post, you’d know about my family’s terrible living conditions. We had no electricity for ages, and no water for a couple of days. I remember this one time we had a powercut and we literally had to use candles because it was pitch black. We were in the mountains, after all, meaning no street lights. We had two houses, which we were going to renew, and the second house was attached to the first, and my mum and dad slept in the first house and me and my siblings in the second house. It was really scary. My dad had to go all the way outside somewhere to power up the generator again, which most of the time didn’t work very well.


When we lived in Spain, we lived in the south so it was sunny basically every day. We were all playing outside our house in the sun, and then we went inside which was really dark You know how you’re on your phone at night when everyone else is asleep and then choose to go to sleep yourself and turn your phone off and it’s pitch black? It was like that. So I said, “How long will it take for my eyes to eject?” to my mum because I didn’t know the word for adjust.


When we lived in Spain, there was a lot of land in our village. Down our road a bit, you know you have flowers on the sides of the roads everywhere? Well, we had what we called apple flowers. I don’t actually know the proper name for them. Now for some strange reason, one of us tried to eat one. But the stranger thing was that the rest of us tried eating them, and they were actually edible. And they tasted of apples, hence the name apple flowers. We would sit there for hours eating them. They were a bit sour but they were so nice, and we collected them to eat back at the house. We were a weird bunch.

The End.

In response to Word-High July: 30 Beautiful Filipino Words Day 4 – Gunita



7 thoughts on “Gunita – Spain Part 2

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  3. Beautiful memories..
    Of cute innocent days
    Far from the madding crowd
    When you lived in Spain.. 🙂

    I so much love sharing and reading such memories of childhood 🙂


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