IBMC #09: The Be A Baby Challenge

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This is a really hard challenge, not gonna lie, I’ve been thinking about this for daaaayys and couldn’t figure out what to write about. And also I’ve been on holiday with limited WiFi :O I guess if I could look at anything with a fresh new perspective, it would have to be language.

Language is weird. If you don’t understand it, it’s pretty much just noise and nonsense. Like we don’t understand animal language and it sounds like noise, or people talking a foreign language – it just sounds like noise. People who talk English can understand each other, but people who don’t, can’t understand us. Like if you go to another country, say, France, I wouldn’t be able to understand a thing they are saying, and they could literally be saying anything; talking about the universe or talking about their friend’s husband having an affair. You never know. I love listening to it, though – it sounds so fast like there are no breaks in the sentences. How do they breathe?! Oh my goodness.

But then if you live in a foreign country where they don’t speak English, and all they speak is that particular foreign language, you’d get used to it. You’d start to understand what the words mean, and then sentences… along with gestures, just like a baby does. But if you look into it more, letters in words are just symbols; how do we know that the letter a means a? It’s so weird. I’ve even tried writing in Elvish (I have proof somewhere). I think that people understanding written word is modern, because, in the old days, all people needed to know was how to speak really. Like, women did the baking and childcare, and the men went to work – but it didn’t require writing anything down. Sorry about being stereotypical but I’m just stating facts.

English is the oddest language, though. You have words that are spelt the same but sound different, and words that sound the same but are spelt differently. It really is an achievement learning English. If you’re learning it as a foreign language, I congratulate you. And then there’s slang. That’s a whole other complicated language thing. You have slang in your country, then probably in your town, and then you have slang in your family; particular words or phrases that no-one else outside of your family would understand. And then (!) there are accents. I can hardly understand people from up north… actually, people down south aren’t that easy to understand either – I’m talking about you, chavs. But I find it fascinating nonetheless. I can’t imagine what language will be like in 50 years time!

Do you have any weird phrases you use in your family that no-one would understand? Share in the comments!

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3 thoughts on “IBMC #09: The Be A Baby Challenge

  1. Everyone have expressed this is the toughest among all. And I love reading this because it puts out a lot of creativity.

    Language, true! We recently had a discussion at home about how language could have possibly evolved. Like the first sound made by baby is generally ‘aa’ and so why alphabets start with ‘A’ which is true even in our local language. I agree that it depends on our culture as well but some how it all relates.

    The post is worth the time spent. I liked the expression of ‘noise’ and i very much agree to it! Awesome read!

    Our local language and mother tongue is ‘Kannada’. We have a little different slang and tone for the kannada we speak at home. Though it is variant of kannada only, it is understood only by those who share the same last name as ours.

    Yeps! You post totally makes meaning. Enjoyed reading it! 🙂

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