Critique of My Street Photography

So this is my first post in my photography tag and I’m quite excited. This is a critique of my street photography and I’ve never done a critique before so bear with me. Check out my Flickr for more photos – I’m doing a 366-day challenge.


First of all, I really like the picture and although it’s blurry, it’s still one of my favourite street photographs I’ve taken. My eyes are immediately drawn to the man on the far left in the shadow of the tree, at the table, wearing the black top. My eyes are then drawn across the photo to the right, where it is lighter, as it was a sunny day. Everyone apart from that man, seem to be wearing lighter clothes, which contrasts with the shadow of the tree and the man.

This photo was taken from my hip so no-one noticed I was taking their photo. It’s a way to be anonymous and candid because I wanted to avoid confrontation. That’s why the photo is half street, half people because my camera wasn’t at eye level. I like the photo because no-one can be identified – you can tell that they’re people but you don’t know who they are and that’s why I think it’s a good photo. And the blur makes it so that there are no distracting elements. Everything somehow seems together, and it reflects the fact that everyone is moving and the people have their own lives to live and only they know what they’re doing. It shows how life doesn’t stop for anyone. It creates a butterfly effect. I admit that I wasn’t trying to make the photo blurry but I’m happy with the result.

I think that the dark patch on the far right is a little distracting, and if I were to reshoot, I’d compose it so that part wasn’t in the shot. That’s because your eyes jump from the man in the shadow to the dark patch, and then to the middle when the people are supposed to be the main focus, not the dark wall.

I used an f/stop of f/25, a shutter speed of 1/10 and an ISO of 100 with the flash off, and at a focal length of 25mm. I used an f/stop of 25 because I thought that I needed to include the whole street, which I think worked really well because it shows you life in motion as opposed to a single person or group of people. I think that my shutter speed was a bit slow, which made my photo blurry, and I used an ISO of 100 because it was a really bright sunny day and 100 was the perfect light sensitivity. You increase the ISO as it gets darker to allow for maximum light to get through the lens. The flash didn’t need to be on because there was enough light from the sun.People are wearing sunglasses! I kept the white balance at 0 so that the photo wasn’t brighter or darker than it should be. It reflects a sunny day. I don’t think it would look better through a shorter focal length for example 55mm because it wouldn’t show everyone on the street.

I like the fact that it’s in black and white because it relies heavily on shape, and it draws your eyes to the people, instead of the details in what they are wearing or distractors like the tree, the chair or the buildings. The focus is on the people.

So there you have it! There’s my critique of this photo. If you have any comments about it let me know, I’d love to hear what you think.



7 thoughts on “Critique of My Street Photography

  1. wow how is your challenge going… i love tosee more if u can. Iamnot a photographer but an artist/designer / writer .. i am not out to boast my humble being is just saying i do not know the tech side but composition wise it is good 🙂 blessings


  2. I really like these sort of photos. Streets and people going about their lives. It’s at these places that I find inspiration to write stuff.
    And the blurriness adds to the beauty here. Do post a lot more photography related stuff. I’d love to read them!


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