Blink and You Miss


“The beauty of life must be

dwelled upon

for the world is full of magical things;

blink and you miss.

The world is like an art gallery;

pause to wonder and stand

rapt in awe

for there are few moments in life

so beautiful

that mere words are seen as profane.

Stand, for one moment

breathless and intent

and be amazed.

Watch the stars,

and look with wide-eyed excitement

and spontaneous appreciation,

for he who doesn’t,

may as well be asleep

with weary eyes


Prompt: Awe


9 thoughts on “Blink and You Miss

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  2. Aliyah Banerjee

    Beautiful! This is one of the most entrancing compositions I’ve ever read! The title is also very meaningful…..not only to me, it means a lot to every living creature.


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