IBMC #05: The Not So Quite Quote

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“I am confused at times. Should I sound? Should I echo?” The world doesn’t make sense, she pondered. It is confusing, how people behave, how they act and what they say. But you shouldn’t be afraid to be confused, anything is possible. You shouldn’t accept what is; you should question everything – it is the only thing that keeps us sane.

She was sitting in the coffee shop, in the corner minding her own business. But she didn’t realise she was talking out loud. A man who was sat quite near had overheard her, and he said, without turning round to look at her, “You need not answer all the questions! You can just laugh and laugh again.” And then he stood, and took the chair at her table, “May I?” She nodded and he sat. “The world doesn’t make sense but you must at least enjoy it while it lasts. Laugh and the world laughs with you, and you will never be alone.”

Listening intently, she sat forward and said “Thoughts – they do what we don’t ask for!” Sometimes we can think up scenarios of what could be, or what once was, and the madness consumes you because there’s nothing you can do about the past. She was a hardcore thinker that’s for sure. I think she had too much time on her hands. She asked him, “But why, why, why can’t people just say what they mean?” They think one thing, and they say another. No-one is true to their thoughts; most people keep most of their thoughts private. It must tear them apart inside. “I knew it! That I don’t know!” the man replied. It seems that even the very wise of people cannot reveal too much, or maybe, he isn’t all that wise at all. He had simply put on a front.

“At times, we pretend to think on one and actually think everything else!” The man sat back in astonishment, for the player had been played. And with that, she picked up her journal and ordered another coffee to go.

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