IBMC #01: Tick Tock Tick Tock

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Man is no more wise than he was 6000 years ago. I have no faith in humanity; humankind is still making the same bad decisions as it did thousands of years ago, and we never learn. There will come a time when robots are smarter than humans. I think humans are 50 years behind modern culture. They are stuck in their old-fashioned ways and it will stay like that forever. We are imprisoned by the generations before us; their beliefs and decisions decide our future. It’s up to the youth of today to pick up the pieces and make the future a better place.

Gist: Humans never learn from their mistakes and it is killing our society.

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4 thoughts on “IBMC #01: Tick Tock Tick Tock

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  2. I guess its the cycle and it repeats. The mistake morphs and we never realize we are doing the same one. A very nice perspective of ‘tick tock tick tock’. It was a fresh read.. 🙂

    Welcome to IBMC. I am glad you picked it up. 🙂 Will be waiting to read takes on other challenges as well.. 🙂

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