IBMC #02: Freeze a Photo

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squad amsterdam

Earlier this year I went to Amsterdam on a society trip. At first, I knew no-one but I was bunked with 4 other lovely girls. Those girls, their friends and I became the #bansterdam squad. We were in Amsterdam for 4 days, and this was us trying to pose like Skins characters in a ‘wanky angle’ photo outside the Van Gogh museum, which for the record is amazing, and you should totally go, there’s like a gazillion paintings and about 4 floors. It took about 2 and a half hours to walk around it. I had such a laugh with these amazing people and we had so much fun. I’m glad I met them. I don’t think that 4 days was actually enough because I would have liked to do so much more. It’s a beautiful city, apart from trying to avoid being killed by people on bikes. So. Many. Bikes. I want to go again and see what I couldn’t before. It’s probably my favourite place. I wouldn’t have been able to explore so much of it if I hadn’t met these gorgeous people. Because of them, I caught the travel bug – I want to visit so many cities and so many countries, it’s just my dream.

But I haven’t talked to these people in a while, which is a shame. Most of them have left university now and graduated so the chances are that I won’t ever speak to them again. This trip inspired me to travel more, and I will in the future at some point. Who knows what the future will hold.

two ten


5 thoughts on “IBMC #02: Freeze a Photo

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  3. I wish you get a chance to meet them all again! I was so much smiles reading this post. The black and white pic makes it more meaningful.

    Such trips where you start with strangers and turn to be best buddies always stay memorable.. Enjoyed reading this.. 🙂

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