Far Far Away Soria Moria Shimmered Like Gold by Theodor Kittelsen


“The future is such an illusory concept,

Be careful how you tread; every step will show.

They say it’s where all our dreams are kept,

Forgive and let live and forget all your sorrows.

Let me not look into the future and see an abyss.

Have hope. An arrow cannot soar very far

if it is not pulled back; a target it does not miss.

To create our own fate; we must be our own archer.

We know not what is coming; it’s an invisible inevitability,

You get to choose what becomes of your life story,

As it is within yourself that you hold your destiny

go forth, head held high, and you will be granted glory.

Deep in our hearts we hope for the best,

But truth be told, our life is an arduous quest.”





6 thoughts on “Future

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    1. littleaprilshower

      You don’t know how long it took me to write it omg, and it still doesn’t seem right 😥 They’re nice to write and read, I just have to practice a bit more. It was the most challenging one I’ve written, because I find it really hard to think about let alone write about the future.


        1. littleaprilshower

          Oh wow, what’s the structure? I wrote mine abab cdcd efef gg. I’d love to find an easy way to write a sonnet because I really struggled.


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