A Letter to Music


Dear Music,

I can always rely on you. I have certain playlists on Spotify which I listen to when I’m in a specific mood. Right this moment I’m listening to my Coffee Break Chill playlist. It’s basically a playlist with calm and chill music as the title suggests. At this moment in time I don’t feel like listening to loud rock music to ignore the world or listening to an uplifting pop playlist, I want to listen to soft, slow and relaxing music. And when I’m in certain moods, the songs in my playlists express what I’m thinking. I listen to music because it gives me someone and something to relate to. It functions as emotional support.

I’m glad you were happened upon, music. I thank the person who first drummed a drum. I can listen to you when I’m sad, angry, happy, and confident. I can sing and dance to the happy songs and I can cry along with the sad ones. There’s a song for every feeling, every mood and every thought. Some songs can trigger different memories for me and I’m forever greatful. There’s truth in music. To hear music is to be filled with everlasting bliss. I love when I hear songs that I haven’t heard since childhood and still know the words because it fills me with the same joy it did when I first heard it. Music provides a soundtrack to my life.

I love when good songs play on the radio on a long car journey and I spend the entire time singing my heart out. I love when my friends and I say “This is my jam!!” at the same time. I love discovering new songs which become my new favourite songs which I keep playing on repeat until eventually I become bored of them. I love when songs get stuck in my head even if they’re annoying. Music is the stongest form of magic. When you listen to it, you become transported in the moment and lose yourself. When you are completely and irrevocably in the moment, the music is able to change your emotions – listening to happy music when you’re sad will raise your happiness. Music can heal almost anything.

I don’t like silence. It has to be filled some way or another and music does just that. A song can be heard all over the world and can be interpreted in so many different ways, but a song, a good song, can create the same feeling in millions of people going through extremely different circumstances. That’s what I love about music. Humankind cannot deal or cope without music. Music is a window to the soul – the songs a person listens to reveals the type of person they are, and I think that’s beautiful.

No matter how corrupt or broken a person is, the right song can change their mental state for the better.

Dear music, play on and play loud.



12 thoughts on “A Letter to Music

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