The Space to Write


Readers, before I get started, what would you like me to write about in the future? My fate is in your hands. Submit ideas using this lovely contact form.

I don’t really have a distinct writing place. I guess I should say my desk, but sometimes I like to change it up a bit and blog whilst sitting on my bed. Or in the living room. And sometimes I blog in silence, or if I’m in the mood I’ll listen to Spotify on shuffle. When I’m at my most productive though I have to have the bedroom door closed. If someone enters my room, they must shut the door properly for me to be happy enough to continue writing, and it must be quiet. Like, we’re talking pitch quiet (is that a thing?). The only sound I can hear is me typing on the keyboard. It’s quite a nice sound isn’t it? Relaxing. Therapeutic. Especially when I type fast. It might even be my favourite sound. I can’t be around my family when I write though because it annoys them, that constant tapping of the keys. I’ve grown quite used to being on my own in my room and writing.

The book I last read was The Shock of The Fall, and I won’t go into too much detail as it will be the subject of my Bookworm Wednesday review this coming Wednesday (the 22nd). The boy, Matthew, writes about his experiences in everyday life following a tragic accident of someone he loves whilst he is suffering from a psychiatric disorder. He types on a typewriter which his grandmother gave him, helping him deal with his guilt. It really made me want a typewriter because I just think they’re so cool. Except one thing, you can’t delete words. And that’s the problem, I wouldn’t have the confidence to use one. So I have to deal with an ordinary laptop, which is perfectly fine. But they’re pretty, and old fashioned, and retro. And I want one. But if I wrote on a typewriter I wouldn’t get to interact with you lovely people would I?

My ideal writing space would be neat and tidy. It would be a big white desk in the corner of my room. I share a room with my sister you see, so my room isn’t completely my own. So anyway on that desk I’d have a couple of pencil pots with my favourite pens and my drawing pencils. I’d have a desk plant in a cute plant pot and a picture of my family in a picture frame. I’d have a bookshelf next to the desk, and an organiser on the desk for paper and university work but my favourite notebook will be next to my laptop. I’d also have an organiser for stray objects like sunglasses etc. I would have an office chair with wheels, and then on the wall above the desk, I would have some sort of quote about life, and a pin board with fairy lights around. That would be awesome.

But the strange thing is that I love to get out and about to write. I like writing in coffee shops zoning out everyone’s conversations. It’s that buzz that fuels my writing. It’s kind of exhilarating.

coffee shop laptop



2 thoughts on “The Space to Write

  1. My kind of writing space will be a cute little desk with some of my favourite books on the side, some colourful stationery and other trinklets scattered on it. Right next to the laptop will the be assigned spot for my coffee/tea and the table must be next to a window, overlooking beautiful something.
    And of course, a comfortable chair 🙂

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