Things I Like

In no particular order…


  1. Coffee and tea in my Slytherin mug, and caramel lattes
  2. Cute animals especially cats
  3. Pretty flowers
  4. Photography
  5. Getting my haircut in a salon
  6. Full moon and starry nights, space and the universe
  7. Pizza and ice cream
  8. Sunsets
  9. Going to music concerts
  10. Pink lemonade
  11. Watching thunder and lightning storms from inside, or hailstones
  12. The smell of mowed grass and log fires
  13. Bubble baths
  14. Disney
  15. Music
  16. Dancing when no-one is watching, dancing in general
  17. Baggie hoodies
  18. Laughing
  19. Snow days
  20. Chocolate and banana milkshake
  21. Bonfires and soup
  22. Movie nights
  23. Blackberry season, and picking blackberries
  24. Travelling
  25. A traditional English breakfast fry up
  26. The smell after rain
  27. Gemstones
  28. Watermelon
  29. Reading
  30. Barbecues on a warm sunny day

5 thoughts on “Things I Like

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