I walk softly
in the field of silent flowers
can’t you see?
With echoes in every petal
grasping at whispers of wind,
I tremble

You left behind
murmurs of sunsets past
what hope did I have?
Rustling through moonlit trees
were songs of lost faith,
I shiver

I gather my thoughts and
throw them into the wild
am I lost?
Sympathetic stars carry
memories of wandering souls,
I believe

Photo Credit: Ezra Jeffrey


For Now, I Am Winter

flurries of snow fall
in a billow of white
and hold my heart
in a soft, quiet embrace

a lost floating breath
leaves my body, ghostly
as I dream away the cold
wintertime darkness

all lies in the stillness,
in the dim of lights
the world, lazy and calm,
tucks itself in to sleep

Photo Credit: Becca Tapert