a whirlwind with
a wild mind
caught in
her own world

a dreamer
who ran free
but she was
her mind was
so loud,
ablaze with
the fire dancing
in her eyes

a wonder
a masterpiece
she wrote from
her heart like
her blood
was the ink

and when
her words flooded
the page
i wanted to uncover
all the secrets
i could find
between the lines

Photo Credit: Larm Rmah

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Made of Lightning

lightning in her veins and
strength in her blood
a curse
a spark
an igniting love
hoping not to crumble
into herself
if only brokenness
was a work of art but
the brightest lights often cast
the darkest shadows
and she turned the night
into day
a beautifully chaotic

Photo Credit: Carolina Heza

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My Guide

No poem is so beautiful
without you
between the lines,
you are art
but not my muse and
i will let myself
be vulnerable to you
with every word i write
you will be drawn
into my beating heart
not a prisoner but
free to dance across
the blank page
and me
weaving a story
with you as
my guide

Photo Credit: Kinga Cichewicz


i am prisoner to that first moment in the morning
the one between sleep and wake
i hear the songbirds melody
an ode to the garden flowers
and the flowers grin and sway
but the bees are envious
when i turn over to reach for you
the reality kicks in
i am breathless
i weep
i scream
i am reminded
that you’re gone

the little birds tell me
about you and
i convince myself
that i am not interested
but i do not wish them
to fall silent

i resent the moon
who still sees you
every night

if i could be anywhere
in the world
i’d wish to be
in his arms

you cracked me open but
left me to put myself back together

Photo Credit: Ben Blennerhassett


for days after i lay motionless in bed
the anger boiling my blood
recreating the passion of our lost love
but the flame died long ago
and you are still far away from me
my nails pierced my palm
i’d do anything to feel alive again
the days pass by so quickly
i watch the sky turn
light to dark and
dark to light and
i become a shadow
too many thoughts rush
through my mind each second
how long will you stay away?
perhaps you should not return
i am fine
isn’t that what they all say?
i’m lying to myself
i am wilting
you tore me apart
i can’t move forward
i will
i forgive myself
for wasting my time on you
so naive
my mind drained from all the commotion

my tears imitated the rain
running down my face
and all i could think about
was how soft your touch felt
on my cheeks

-crying for you

in order to fall asleep
i have to imagine a perfect world
where i am not in pain
where you are holding me tight
and tell me you’ll never let me go
i have to curl into a ball
till i feel the warmth that used to
come from you
only then
my mind will rest
and sink into slumber

what broke my heart
wasn’t the fact you left me with
it’s the future we could have had
if you stayed by my side

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Photo Credit: Caleb George